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Numbers 8-800/8-804

Numbers 8-800/8-804

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Federal numbers

The 8-800/8-804 numbers are multichannel and are free to call from any place in Russia. In contrast with 8-800 - 8-804 numbers can be used to make outgoing calls. Outgoing calls from 8-804 numbers are identified as a company unified number.

Increase in orders

Customers from all across Russia make calls to toll-free 8-800 and 8-804 numbers 30% more often.

Brand awareness

Vanity numbers 8-800 and 8-804 are easily memorized and thus contribute to efficient marketing strategy. Clients will instantly recall your company's number when they need some of your services or products.

You will never lose a potential client again.

The 8-800/8-804 numbers are multichannel. This means that you can receive up to 100 incoming calls simultaneously. If all the sales managers are busy, a call will be queued until one of your managers is available.

Simple in use

In your personal account you can find out the rates, set up call-forwarding, get a detailed report etc.

A reputable business image

Free federal Russian number inspires clients' trust. Even a small company can acquire a status of a major player with a federal number.

Informing customers

The IVR voice menu automatically greets customers and informs them on new promotions and special deals without sales manager involvement.

Business in any region

A virtual number is not linked to any specific region or city, so it can move with your company, if the company changes the address.
Run your business with 8-800/8-804 numbers in any region of Russia.

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