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I accept the terms of the user agreement


Feedback from your customers

SMS Hub — is a service that allows you to collect SMS messages and forward them to your equipment or CRM system. Most often used for:

• holding promotions and voting;

• subscriptions to news;

• complaint book and feedback collection (SMS with a claim for services in the office, restaurant, hairdresser, etc. Supplemented to the management);

• sign up in clinic and other institutions;

• send SMS from roaming requesting a callback;

• M2M solutions.

How the service works

  • The subscriber sees your advertisement with the phone number
  • Type SMS
  • SMS arrives on the platform
  • SMS ships via SMPP to the CRM or database

Features and benefits of the service

  • Fast and simple configuration
  • Ability to receive SMS from any networks of any countries of the world
  • Ability to upload reports with texts
  • Ability to connect different numbers with different SMS routing over several SMPP channels