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Load testing

We check readiness of your telephony and CRM-systems to the growth of the order flow before promotions and discounts

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The "Load testing service" allows you to find out in advance all the parameters of your telecom systems in advance and get recommendations for improving them.

What business problems does the testing solve?

Imagine that effective advertising, promotion or sale led to the simultaneous circulation of thousands of customers from all over Russia.

Is your contact center ready to process a lot of orders at once?

  • Communications systems have a limit of incoming calls and requests. Exceeding this limit may lead to critical system failures
  • IT specialists from your personnel will hardly predict when and why telecom system or CRM will fail, since special equipment is required to run the load testing
  • Even the 8-800 numbers are not 100% failure resistant, not to mention common City numbers
  • This usually results in company dealing with disappointed customers

Such testing of your telecom systems helps to reveal these and similar problems.

How to order "Load testing" service?

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Leave a request on the website or give us a call at 8-800-333-73-77.

Our specialists will assess communications systems of your company and estimate the necessary measures for free.

Make an agreement and get down to work.

How does "Load testing" service work?

We make load testing networks - simulating a high load on the contact center communication system to determine the threshold of its throughput:

  • calls are generated with voice messages to assess the sound quality and stability of connections to communications interruptions;
  • simulated answers to calls, call forwarding, call transfer to voice mail, greeting and tone dialing in the IVR voice menu;
  • the flow of test calls and responses is increased until the outbreak. At the same time, calls from all regions of the Russian Federation can be simulated.

As a result of carrying out Load testing you get new opportunities

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Report on the maximum load of various telecom systems of the company.

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Statistics of the test run and problem list:

  • Maximal and minimal channel capacity before technical issues come up;
  • speed of connection in critical conditions, loss of quality of voice communication, delay and distortion of speech;
  • The capabilities of communication systems under critical load and response to operator actions.
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Recommendations on improving the infrastructure of your company.

You do not risk your equipment, losing clients or your advertising budget in case of system failure.

Other features of Load testing

Service "Load testing" is not necessarily limited to testing the telecom systems of the customer. We can also run the tests on any infrastructure with a bandwidth threshold:

  • Billing systems of banks with simultaneous transfers of thousands of users;
  • CRM-systems when entering data of several units at once;
  • threshold of a one-time filling and submission of application forms and filling of shopping crates;
  • websites, forums and social networks when visiting and activity of guests;
  • resource stability to massive DDOS attacks;
  • sending and receiving of faxes, files, maximum participants in a conference call and much more.

Cost of "Load testing"

The primary analysis, preparation of an estimate of the necessary measures and assessment of the costs are free of charge. The cost of future work depends on the scale of the business, the number and complexity of communications systems in the company's network. Contact us at 8-800-333-73-77 and find out the approximate cost for your company today.

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