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MTT's mobile virtual networks features

      MTT has recommended itself as a reliable partner in creation of virtual mobile networks of the widest range of applications.
       Our team has, perhaps, the most extensive and unique expertise in launching such projects. We have all the infrastructure that allows us to mass-produce solutions for business needs. All solutions are implemented on the basis of MTT MVNE-platform launched in 2016.

Our solutions, first of all, are addressed to:

• For companies, using automated CRM processes, having strategic goals to retain consumers and repeated sales.

• For companies, searching for new possibilities to monetize their own client base and attach to the brand.

• For companies, oriented at work with constant clients, developing their own loyalty programs or communities.

For large and medium-sized business

MVNE solution allows you to build your own secure corporate mobile connection with unique customized services for customer employees.

Additional advantages will be attractive tariffs, ability to integrate mobile communications into your sales and service processes and the possibilities for in-depth personnel control.

What tasks it solves

  • Increasing loyalty of employees and customers 20%
  • Optimization of work processes 25%
  • Generation of additional profit 50%

For telecom carriers

We provide affordable Triple Play and FMC services, integrate telecom services into a packaged product.
We help companies to reduce the subscriber base churn and increase customer loyalty.
Increase ARPU.
Reduce costs for communication with subscribers.
Create new marketing opportunities.

What tasks it solves

For agents

Reducing the cost of calls, SMS and data transmission.
Receiving additional income.
Increase customer loyalty and efficiency.
A new level of control and management of communications.
Additional channels of communication with customers and tools for managing churn.
Увеличение LTV, через предоставление услуг на смежном рынке.
Новые маркетинговые возможности

What tasks it solves

We offer our customers a ready-made virtual network solutions
Since 2009 we have worked on more than 100 cases organizing virtual mobile networks, developed over 20 projects for various businesses. We launched our first successful mobile virtual network operator in Russia on our own platform.


You use a fully prepared infrastructure, there is no need for capital expenditures


We will create unique customized packages of services at your request


Any number of branded SIM-cards can be issued in accordance with partner's wishes

VAS Services

We implement additional services for your employees and customers on the basis of a mobile virtual network


Integrate billing of a virtual mobile network into your IT systems

In addition – optional support in processes

We went all the way from the technical implementation of virtual mobile networks to the creation of our own sales and marketing tools both in Russia and abroad.


We will take care of all aspects connected with subscriber access to virtual mobile network

Communication Brand

We will help you to customize communications with customers and employees in the virtual mobile network

Sales Marketing

If necessary, we will share our experience in organizing sales and marketing of virtual mobile network services for variuos audience