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Intercity and International Communication


One of the key characteristics of the modern world. People move from city to city, travel both across the country and far abroad. At the same time, they want to always remain available to their relatives, friends and colleagues. Therefore, high-quality international and long-distance telephone communications is of special value for everybody. OJSC "MTT" is ready to provide this service to residents of Moscow and any other Russian city.

Organization options

Long-distance and international communications services are implemented in two schemes.

Hot-Choice – the choice of network operator is made right before each call.

Such international communication services are suitable for those users, for whom the cost of making telephone calls to other countries and cities is the first priority. To use the services of OJSC "MTT", you need to dial after 8 and long beeps additional telephone code "53" (when calling within Russia) or "58" (with international communications).

Pre-Select – selection of network operator in advance

This option is designed for those who care not only about profit, but also about convenience. It allows to dial fewer digits when making long-distance and international calls. All connections in this case are always serviced by one operator - OJSC MTT.

Advantages of long-distance and international communications from JSC "MTT"

• Get through from the first attempt - a phone call is made by the shortest and least loaded channel at the moment.

•High quality of international and long-distance communications: low ping, noise and delay, high audibility.

•Advantageous tariffs on international and long-distance communications possible due to cooperation with leading Russian and foreign carriers.

•Career perspectives

•A wide range of additional options - in MTT, in addition to ordering long-distance services, you can purchase a direct city or mobile phone number, evaluate the advantages of a virtual PBX or VoIP telephony, download applications for calls via the Internet to devices with Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS.