Focusing on its client's needs OJSC "MTT" develops integration solutions aimed at improving the quality of customer service in partner companies. This approach empowers our partners to implement complex business strategies in the shortest possible time, taking advantage of the innovative SaaS and PaaS solutions in telecom.



This Solution allows you to install messenger functionality in any mobile app or web-service. Users enjoy making free calls within the network or calling mobile and landline numbers around the world. This technology is valuable to developers of mobile apps, social services, retail chains and telecom operators due to its simple monetization - partners receive interest from the cost of calls made through their services.

"Incognito" Number

Thanks to this unique solution any partner company will be able to provide users with temporary numbers for making calls. Users can select numbers from the MTT list (Russian or with 8-804 code), or from a list of the partner company. The end user will be able to remain anonymous when posting ads, chatting on dating websites and in social media.


Build a convenient communication channel with your audience by means of Callback. The system requires to indicate 2 numbers that should be connected. Therefore, this call will be incoming for both sides. All connection costs are paid by the system owner at the rates of the partner provider. This feature will be interesting for developers of mobile apps, online games and social services.