Международный бесплатный вызов

International toll-free number

International toll-free number (IFS)

A service that allows you to receive incoming calls from anywhere in the world. It suits companies with foreign partners and offices abroad. OJSC "MTT" offers you to provide 24/7 info and technical support to your customers, users and partners by activating an international toll-free number.

IFS service features

  • Organization of the company's presence in the international market without opening a new office and hiring staff.
  • Creating an automated sales office with a voice menu for foreign users via call-forwarding service.
  • Organization of technical and service support for customers around the world.
  • Conducting marketing and advertising campaigns in any country around the world.
  • Conducting audio conferences with foreign employees and partners.
  • Cutting company's expenses for telephone calls by encouraging employees to make free calls with your common number from mobile devices.

Additional information

  • An international toll-free number will be provided within 10 working days from the application date (it should specify the list of countries for which you want to have access by IFS).
  • In case of ordering a Unified IFN (a worldwide toll-free number) it may take up to 43 days to assign it.
  • Payment for incoming calls is charged at favorable rates, as OJSC "MTT" cooperates with a plenty of carriers around the world.
  • IFS/UIFN is issued in a 800-ХХХХ-ХХХХ format. A subscriber's toll-free number is assigned by the International Telecommunication Union.