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For trade companies

Plans for trading companies

Increase online and offline sales

Every trading company is interested in stable increase of sales and a number of loyal clients. MTT Plans have all the necessary tools to attract new customers, improve quality of service and increase sales in both online and offline stores.

Attract new customers

Customers make calls to toll-free numbers by 30% more often. A vanity number with repeating digits is easy to remember and is perfect for advertising goods. In addition, federal toll-free numbers look respectable to customers. Increase sales by attracting new customers from regions.

Improve sale scripts and train new sales managers

Records of calls help to improve sale scripts and train new sales managers. Examples of successful deals will give you a better perspective of your product and teach managers new ways to present it. Whiles failures will help you analyze and improve to make the best sale scripts possible.

Never miss a call

With a multichannel virtual number you get an unlimited number of lines for receiving and making calls. Telephone is never busy and clients do not wait for an answer on line. Even if your sales manager happens to be out of office, a client will be redirected to an employee's cell or home phone ensuring that you gain a potential customer.

More sales from website

Callback button can easily turn all your potential clients into real customers. In one click website visitors reach out to your managers. This feature is proven to increase sales by 40% on average.

Choose a ready-made Plan

All MTT features are included in the industry-specific Plans for businesses of various types and sizes. For trading companies we suggest to consider the following Plans: