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Why choose MTT?

Boost sales

Each MTT Plan includes features that boost sales. For example, web-widgets attract customers to your website, and call recording helps to improve service and retain clients.

Increase website conversion

Several Plans include such web-widgets as "Online Assistant", Callback and "Mob mentality". These units retain visitors of your website and stimulate them to make a purchase.

Happy customers

Record calls of your managers to train new employees. Interactive Voice Response will inform your clients about discounts, special offers and other deals.

Cut costs

Start using an MTT Plan and you don't need to bother with wires, hire IT specialists, or buy hardware. Enjoy the advantages of mini PBX without buying it.

Staff supervision

Call history and call recording enable you to monitor employees and follow up on any conversation with a client in detail. It will help write smarter sale scripts and train better managers.


Add more features into your Plan

Didn't find a necessary features in the current Plans? Create your own Solution with the MTT Platform.

MTT platform has its own vast infrastructure, licensed digital products and telecom services, as well as the most advanced IT equipment. Here you can create a customized Solution for any type of business.

Integrated digital plans
include the following features:

Analyze your calls and measure the ROI of ads. MTT service can assign a unique number to each ad for various channels and regions each particular time the ad is displayed. Statistics of calls will reflect which channel has higher conversion, so you can fix your ad campaign there and then.
The "Incognito" feature allows you to share a clients' base with third-party call centers securely. For example, you have a base that seems potentially valuable to your partner. Using temporary virtual numbers the partner will receive a limited short-term access to the database. This way your base does not leak into the Internet and stays securely protected from distribution.
With our widget your website visitors can request a Callback in one click. The widget puts a manager through to the client immediately. Be sure that such personal approach will increase sales and impact customer's loyalty. Callback button and other interface elements can be easily adjusted to fit your website style and sales mechanics.
This feature enables to have SMS-chats with customesr via API. Sending SMS with the company's Alpha signature allows you to inform all customers at once about discounts, sales and deals. Also you can receive feedback by SMS or personally contact a specific customer, for example, to clarify the delivery address.
The MVNE (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler) platform is designed for companies that plan becoming a telecom carrier, but lack infrastructure. They can sell telecom services under their own brand, using networks, hardware, billing systems and IP-telephony of other operators.

About us

OJSC "MTT" is one of the largest telecom providers. It has operated in Russia since 1994 and internationally - since 2005. Today the company is one of the leaders in cloud business communications. We have more than 70,000 Russian and foreign companies as our happy clients and each day we process over 60 000 000 calls.

170 millions of clients

MTT network operates for over 170 million subscribers
in Russia and abroad,
processing over 60 million calls per day.

89 major cities covered

We provide multichannel landline numbers in 85 regions of Russia and constantly broaden our presence.

23 years on the market

OJSC "MTT" is one of the 10 largest carriers in Russia. We provide a wide range of innovative IT and telecom services to businesses and individuals.

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