Focusing on customers’ needs OJSC "MTT" develops integration solutions in order to improve its partners’ client service. These solutions allow our partners to resolve complicated business cases in the shortest time period possible, using all the advantages of innovative SaaS and PaaS solutions in the field of telecommunications.


This solution allows full messenger function integration in any mobile application or web-service. Service or application users gain the ability to make free calls to each other and paid calls to fixed and cell phone numbers worldwide.

This integration product can be useful for mobile application developers, social services, network operators and retailers. According to the simple monetization scheme - partners get a percentage of call revenue made through their services.

"Incognito" number

This unique solution provides the ability to offer end users temporary phone numbers for making calls. Numbers can be selected from MTT’s number range (a Russian number or 8-804), or from partner company number ranges.

End-users will be able to remain anonymous when placing ads, communicating on dating sites or social networks.


The “call-back” service allows organizing a separated voice communications channel between users. The initiating person can select 2 phone numbers and connect them so that both parties will receive incoming calls. All expenses are paid by the initiator according to provider prices. This solution provides an outstanding variety of implementations in mobile applications, online games, and social services.