2011 was one of the most significant and important years for MTT JSC. That year a comprehensive upgrade of MTT’s owned nationwide network took place; new products and services based on the newest technologies were launched; and MTT Group started to emerge.

During 2011, MTT’s overall investments in the upgrade of the transit network core totaled more than 100 million roubles. A long-term agreement for the modernization of the transit network core based on Huawei equipment was signed with Angstrem Non-governmental Organisation. Huawei equipment lets MTT render a full range of traffic transit services using high-speed IP links. Despite the fact that the network was in the process of migrating from TDM to IP and significant changes made in the network topology, the company was still able to cooperate with counteragents in terms of link switching, traffic transit and signalling.

In 2011, MTT Business, a consumer telephony project based on IP technologies was launched. This service dramatically improves switching capabilities of its users and lets them save on communication. MTT Business provides a free direct-dial telephone number and exclusively low prices for domestic and international long-distance communication. A MTT Business user can make calls from a wide range of platforms, be it a PC or a mobile device based on Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad or iPod). Before the end of 2011,MTT Business included direct-dial numbers of Russia’s largest million+ cities.

In 2011, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) entitled MTT with the right to use one billion numbers with the international non-geographic code 883140. МТТ was the only Russian operator to be assigned this pool of numbers, which are not linked to any country of the world. Owners of these numbers can use them in any part of the world with the necessary infrastructure.

Also, in 2011 MTT JSC completed the installation of a RTN (Russian Telephone Node) developed by MGI Soft, a Russian developer of information and telecommunication solutions, on its IP network.

During the installation, new services were launched, which presently are among MTT’s fastest-growing projects, and the existing services were improved by adding new functionality. Based on MFI Soft’s solution, MTT launched VoIP service for small and medium-sized businesses.

In 2011, MTT and Audiotele signed an agreement in accordance with which Multiregional TransitTelecom JSC became the sole shareholder of Audiotele JSC, one of the largest and oldest call-centre operators in Russia. Artem Litvinov, with his vast and long managerial experience in the field of telecommunications, was appointed General Director of Audiotele JSC.

And, finally, in 2011 Evgeniy Sergeevich Vasiliev was appointed General Director of MTT JSC.