In 2009, MTT launched a number of new services for corporate and retail customers; the company was also focused on international cooperation; significant work was done within improving the company’s network. A new version of the Subscriber Portal for private users of virtual cards and domestic and international long-distance communication services was launched. In 2009, a new agreement with Svyaznoy, one of the largest mobile shop chains, was signed, in accordance with which the shops were able to accept payments for MTT’s long-distance communication services throughout Russia without additional fees. On the B2C market, a new application called MTTalk for mobile devices was launched, thanks to which end users were able to make domestic and international long-distance calls through MTT’s network using MTT Telecom Card account.

In spring 2009, the company opened its own point of presence in Hong Kong. An Eci Telecom multiplexor was deployed at the leased premises; this shortened the time needed to connect new operators to MTT’s network and increased the number of traffic transit links. The Hong Kong node was connected to MTT’s network in Moscow and Khabarovsk. In 2009, MTT signed 17 new agreements for traffic transit with telecom operators from various countries.

In 2009, a domestic and international long-distance traffic routing system was implemented on MTT’s network; this helped significantly improve voice traffic control on the network, which consists of more than 60 switches throughout Russia. About 2 million US dollars were invested in this project, which was implemented by Sitroniks. The same year, Sitroniks also completed the project aimed at creating a resource accounting system for MTT’s network. In 2009, MTT opened its network management interface for partner operators; as a result, partners can significantly improve the services provided to end users without spending any additional resources. In late 2009, Eldar Alievich Razroev was appointed General Director of MTT JSC.