By 2007, MTT had become a recognized and remarkable player on the international telecom market. The operator serviced more than half of Russian mobile operators’ traffic going to international destinations and had well-established relationships with the world’s largest operators.

In 2007, MTT JSC signed agreements with the Romanian national operator Romtelecom and with AT&T, the largest American operator. The same year, MTT and the French company France Telecom implemented the interconnection of their networks in Frankfurt. In 2007, MTT JSC started to actively develop cooperation with the governmental sector while simultaneously expanding its geographical coverage in various counties.

Representative offices in Kostroma, Novosibirsk, Kaluga, Kursk, Primorye, Tver Region, Kabardino-Balkaria, Komi Republic, Voronezh Region etc. were opened.

In 2007, MTT signed agreements with the largest Russian electronic payment systems: Eleksnet, Svobodnaya Kassa and CyberPlat. The company implemented a monitoring and analysis system for the signalling network manufactured by the Swedish company Polystar OSIX; the system was designated for the collection, processing and storing of information about the functioning of OKS No. 7 signalling network and ensuring the network performance quality control. Another significant event for MTT JSC in 2007 was the provision of a flawless and high-quality hotline for the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. In 2007, the company received a Radiomania-2007 award as the Best Team of the Sector; MTT was among the 500 largest companies of Russia according to Finance magazine; and MTT’s top managers were among the Top 10 Top Managers of the Sector according to Kommersant’s ratings. The same year, MTT was ranked 11th in the list of the most dynamically growing Russian companies according to Expert-400’s ratings and was among the Top 50 fastest-growing companies of Russia according to RBK’s ratings.