The most important event in the telecom sector in 2006 was the de-monopolization of the long-distance communication in the Russian Federation, as a result of which subscribers were able to choose an operator when making domestic and international long-distance calls.

That year MTT JSC was the first operator to break Rostelecom’s monopoly.

In March 2006 MTT was one of the organizers of the meeting between the Regional Communication Operators’ Association (RSS) and the RSS Commission on Telecommunications. The same year, together with the global telecom operator Teleglobe (VSNL International), МТТ was the first Russian alternative long-distance operator to establish a point of presence in Hong Kong. MTT became a full member of the Telecommunication Standardization Sector of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-Т). Alto the company was awarded as the Leader Company within the “Best Russian Companies” competition organized by the Russian Union of Industrial Companies and Entrepreneurs (RSPP).

In 2006, MTT JSC announced the acquisition of AFK Systema’s 66% stake in the international telecom operator WaveCrest Group Enterprises Limited, which made the company a key Russian telecom operator providing international voice traffic transit service on mobile and fixed-line networks abroad.