By its 10th anniversary, Multiregional TransitTelecom stands on the cusp of broad opportunities in the telecommunications sector, which will be based on meeting the needs of the information community. First of all, these opportunities are connected with an extensive growth of Russia’s economy and the fact that the country had managed to double its GDP. The new level of the industrial development will require an advanced infrastructure to transmit information both nationwide and abroad. The content of this information will change as well. In addition to voice traffic, data traffic will increase as well, which will require expanded capacities of the high-speed communication links and advanced distribution systems based on the principles of software-controlled new-generation networks.

MTT’ transit network unites the networks of practically all the mobile operators within Russia as well as the networks of fixed-line operators. In 2004, MTT connected more than 200 subnets of digital mobile operators, including those providing mobile services based on IMT-MC-450 standards, and about 100 networks of fixed-line operators. Development of cooperation with fixed-line network operators was one of MTT’s priorities at this new stage of the company’s growth.

To ensure a convenient connection to MTT’s transit network for regional operators, access nodes of the transit network have been put in place in every region of Russia.

Before the end of 2004, access nodes are to be built in all the constituent entities of the Russian Federation except the Chechen Republic. By the end of 2005, 44 local switching centres will be launched.

A special attention will be paid to the implementation of new services, including those related to data transmission. MTT introduced its customers to a number of innovative services such as roaming between WLAN networks and MMS transmission centre, and plans to keep extending the list of these services. The company is working on establishing active cooperation with content providers, which will significantly influence the development of the telecom business, especially when 3G mobile networks start to operate commercially. MTT plans to build the necessary structures and prepare the necessary hardware and software to provide intelligent services.

By planning the development of its transit network, Multiregional TransitTelecom is focused on using multi-service traffic processing technologies based on NGN (Next Generation Network) concept. The company signed cooperation agreements with equipment suppliers, e.g. Siemens and Ericsson, who offer NGN equipment. Of course during network upgrade the existing equipment will function flawlessly so that MTT’s partners will not notice any changes in service quality.

At this anniversary year, MTT has reached a new level of development. The idea that almost nobody believed in and that only a few people agreed to bring to life evolved into a powerful company with several hundreds of employees, which has become one of the key players on the Russian telecom market. MTT’s role as a linker, as a basis for the further growth of Russia’s telecom sector was recognized by telecom market regulators and players. At this new stage of development, Multiregional TransitTelecom has come to a new idea. The objective to create a tool to unite all Russian networks has been completed. A transit network was built to which all kinds of operators can be connected, through which large volumes of all types of traffic van be transferred at high speeds and with consistently high quality of service. Now the time has come to shift to a new qualitative level.

Today MTT’s objective is to provide the Russian telecom market with new services connected with opening the access to content based on multi-service networks. The actual task is to open to the Russian consumers all the existing benefits of the contemporary information community. MTT has in place all the tools to make it happen and the company’s staff is ready to face any challenges. So there is no doubt that this new idea will turn into reality, as all the other MTT’s ideas so far.