Multiregional TransitTelecom was founded at the time when the mobile telecom industry in Russia was intensively growing. The development of mobile telecom networks based on NMT-450 and GSM standards in Russia by 1994 reached the stage when a single operator that would ensure interaction between hundreds of telecom service providers was needed. It was also very important at that time to establish unified nationwide standards which would serve as a basis for such interaction. In 1994, Multiregional TransitTelecom was created for the purpose of uniting separated networks of the many regional and Moscow mobile radio telecom operators within a single telecom environment and creating a global environment were many thousands of subscribers would be able to communicate.

МТТ was created with active participation of the largest players of the Russian telecom market: Rostelecom, MGTS, PTS, St. Petersburg Long-distance and International Telephone and MSS (Moscow Mobile Telecom) were the company’s originators and continued to actively cooperate with MTT for many years. The regulatory body, i.e. the Ministry for Communications, also supported the creation of the company. Immediately following the company’s foundation MTT started working on cooperation with AMPS standard operators (in 1994, Bee-Line worked with this standard); MTS decided to join the unified network. At the initial stage, the primary task was to develop algorithms of interaction between separate mobile networks nationwide and to integrate the network with similar structures abroad.